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When I became fully booked up and could not physically take on more clients I realised that my income was capped and that there had to be a better way. This is when I started to play a game. The game started as an experiment to see how how much I could reduce my time while still giving value.

The experiment went from a game to a system, The 3 Minute Coach, and as I drop my time from 90 minutes to 60 minutes, then 45 minutes to 30 minutes and finally 3 minutes to 15 minutes some strange things happened.

I started to see just how much fluff I was allowing in my sessions. I realised that each time I dropped my time that the last 15 minutes was me trying to fill the time. I realised that my value was tied into the time rather than the results.

​When I got this, really got this, everything changed! 

What You'l Learn...


Remove The Fluff!

I let go of time. I got focussed on results. I removed all of the fluff (the things that just played in their story) and became laser focussed on their results. Guess what they got better results in much less time and they loved it...


Get Laser Focused!

Get laser focussed using the Quantum Leap technique to get to the point quickly and effectively.


Cut Through To The Truth!

Identify client's stuff, story and scripts by applying the State Management technique to help them to breakthrough faster!


Insight Is The Value!

Master the 'Insight Pop' system to unpack the solution and use the RAP sheet to have your clients pre-coach themselves before each session so you can get right to it, no fluff, no mucking around just straight to the point.


Faster, Easier Sessions!

They came to the sessions pre-coached. They started to do the heavy lifting which allowed me to focus on the insights, making each session far more effective.


Run Move Effective Sessions!

Learning how to be more effective, efficient and productive with your conversations will help to propel your success faster. By getting laser focussed, creating deep impact and all in a fluff free process that will dramatically speed up your coaching sessions, management meetings and therapy sessions.

You Might Be Wondering...

What will I be able to do?

The 3 Minute Coach is about helping you to run 3 to 15 minute sessions with your clients and staff. Cutting out the fluff to give you back time, identifying the insight so you get better results, and train your clients to pre-coach themselves. Get to the core issue faster allowing you more time to support and lead your clients to more success in health, wealth and success.

What others say?

Most of what happens in a coaching session is fluff. It’s not your fault, it’s just how we were taught. The result is that sessions are long, coaches get burnt out and clients stay stuck. The 3 minute Coach process gets clients results faster, and leaves you both a ton of energy at the end of every session.
Taki Moore

What is the client experience?

When they started to focus on results they stopped caring about how long our sessions where and loved to see how quick we could make it. We are all busier than ever, more under pressure and stressed around time and deadlines so no one wanted to spend extra time that they didn't need to.

What others say?

I realised just how much impact I can have in a 15 minute session using this profound technique. I also had so many insights for myself, now I know ways to leverage that knowledge. I'm going to refer this to my colleagues who are busy and can't take more clients. Marcus rocks

Corrine - Corporate Coach

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